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Additional elements

Felt partition wall

Filca starpsiena

Will create acoustic comfort and serve as a covering shield.

Cable ducts and cable baskets

Vadu kanāls ar atspiedējmehānismu

Cable ducts built in the table top provide simple and unobtrusive disguise of cables, which is a suitable solution, for example, for conference tables. Aesthetically enjoyable result.

We offer the following cable ducts:

  • With a pushing mechanism
  • With a removable plywood lid
  • With an open metallic lid

Table built-in wireless charger

From now on, charging the batteries of mobile
devices will be quick and simple, thus making daily life easier!

  • A charger at your fingertips!
  • No spare cables on the table!
  • Forget empty batteries!

A drawer

Atvērta atvilktne, kas ir ražota no bērza saplākšņa. Tajā stāv 3 pultis.

For storage of items. Extremely useful for remote controls, pens and other small items.

A cabinet

Dokumentu skapītis ar 3 atvilknēm un riepām.

For storage of documents and other items.

Processor holder

Procesora turētājs, kas pievienots galdam. Tajā atrodas procesors

Fixed in a vertical position under the table top. Helps disguise the cables attached to the device.

U - type booth

U-veida akustiskā kabīna zaļā krāsā

The U – type acoustic booth offers isolation from outside noise, allowing you to focus on your conversations. The acoustic booth is suitable for offices, cafes and other noisy places.