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Visitor chairs are made of curved glued birch plywood parts and are mutually connectable. Choose the desirable shade or colour for the chair finish, as well as the fabric or artificial leather for the seat finish. For office, meeting, conference, assembly, waiting and other public rooms.
See in PDF format:

Lenght:        55 cm

Width:       63 cm

Height:    80 cm


Monoblock visitor chairs. Made of curved glued birch plywood. The wooden part and upholstered fabric / felt part can be selected as desired.
See specification in PDF format:

Lenght:        50 cm

Width:        46 cm

Height:    91 cm


For offices

For practical and convenient furniture arrangement

For individual designs

A range of sizes and shapes according to your needs.

For a conference room

For a modern and functional solution.

Have an idea for furniture design?

Adapt what is best for you