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Trojas furniture is manufactured from birch plywood.

It is made of multiple veneer layers, glued mutually perpendicularly, thus gaining specially high strength. In all the durability tests – for bending, pulling, or impact resistance – plywood is more durable than other wooden slab and solid wood materials.

Saplākšņa mēbeļu detaļas, kur redzams saplāksnis šķērsgriezumā un tā finiera kārtas

Plywood is:

  • one of the most popular wood products in the world;
  • in its physical properties — a flexible material, easy to process and maintain;
  • comparatively light, not cracking;
  • easily disposable in the manufacture of furniture;
  • an ecological and aesthetic material.
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Saplāksnis no sāna skata, kur var redzēt finiera kārtas

Durability and aesthetics